Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization?

SEO is basically a bunch of techniques which are used to optimize your website to make it Search engine friendly. This increases chances to get good SERP and helps you to grab huge amount of traffic.

What is Black Hat and White Hat SEO both?

“Black hat optimization is a technique of SEO such as hiding white text on white background, spamming keyword tags with hundreds of keywords, or cloaking, these black hat methods may appear to be a good thing. Nowadays Black Hat seems cheatable technique. We serve white hat SEO techniques which are approved by Google.

Do I have to provide you keywords?

If you are having few effective keywords in your mind, please let us know. Otherwise we analyze your business and pick out effective and targeted keywords for good SEO.

Why my site is not showing up search engines?

This is most common FAQ. There is various reason which leads in non-visibility of your site in SEO.

How you provide SEO friendly design?

A SEO friendly site is the one which get good ranking in search engines. If search engines read and index your website well it means that your site is having SEO friendly design. SEO friendly design carries:

inappropriate content

Why my site is showing up keyword research?

If you are using dozens of keywords in your website content, it can give you negative results. We serve you different effective SEO keyword research technique for good SERPs.

Can I see how many visitors I've had to my website?

Yes you can. We provide web tracking software which records where your visitors are coming from and from which search engine.

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